Welcome to The FAST NU-isance Blog, reader. On this page you will find random and informal rants of the students of FAST-NUCES, Karachi Campus. The obvious first three question in your mind would be…

This blog is all about the student life, their miseries, their sufferings, their likings and the environment. Even if someone kills a fly at our beloved Buffalo Colony Campus, you’re gonna see the news up here because its not about the formal life, its about the informalities that let us survive through the tiring, frustrating, agonizing and edumacating four, more or less years spent at this beautifully-made-remote-from-the-city campus.

We need this blog because theres no such informal service available at university which we can use for the “greater good” of the student community. All the posts are/will be informal so theres no point in asking the “Tardministration”, “ITard dept.” or the “Tardemics”, i guess you get the point. The main objective is to bring you first hand encounters with the “nuisances” at FAST … and if possible, uncensored.

This blog is going to target the student community itself, since its sole purpose is to bring news to the students. As far as “who is going to run it?” is concerned, well, we’ll always be looking for aspiring new writers who know how a story can be put and can report daily dirt, may be with “masala”. What? Its always nice to read something funny ain’t it?

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Enjoy your stay.

Fasih Ahmed Rana.