The worst dream of the engineering block (collectively Telecom dept. and computer Engr. dept.) came true today at FAST-NUCES. Take a guess…come on…you can do it…no?

Yes, you guessed it right (even if you didn’t try to). FAST has failed to acquire accreditation from the PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council). Do you know what that means? Oh, nevermind i’ll tell you. It means that the students of Telecom and Engineering dept. are not going to get PEC recognized degrees. they’re gonna get Electrical engineering degree.

Oh my God, no wait… let me say that again… OH MY GAWD!! the crowd at FAST went haywild! lol it was soooo funny. You know what i call them now? Wannabes. Thats right, they’re all wannabe-engineers-turned-going-to-be-electricians. If you dont see the humor in it…you should go and brush your teeth, stare in the mirror for atleast 10 minutes if you’re a student belonging to the telecom or comp. eng. depts. If you still dont find it funny then you should probably commit suicide or ask someone else to kill you, because, atleast i’m gonna mock you all day long with the corniest of jokes about how you’re gonna get electrical engineering degrees after spending more than Rs. 350k at FAST.

Later… that day…Zubair Shaikh, the director of karachi campus, delivered a speech (read tried to brainwash) the peeps. So he put the choice between…PEC recognized Electrical engineer degree or BS electrical engineer degree. HUH! Talk about diplomatic MISleaders.

In my student should buy it. They paid the uni to get a PEC recognized degree in telecom or computer engineering…and they should get it! because its simply not their fault that the uni couldn’t build the lab before PEC delegation’s visit. Why should the students suffer?

Fasih Ahmed Rana.