It all started, when Mr Shahid (Engg. Block Reception) started distributing the survey form containing a question about the Accreditation of PEC.

Here is the copy of that form.



All under-graduate engineering degree programs are presented before the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) for accreditation. This takes place when the students reach their final year of studies, and all engineering labs and engineering faculty are in place and ready for inspection by PEC.

NUCES applied to PEC for accreditation of its engineering programs. The PEC officials have recommended that both engineering programs may be merged and then renamed as “Electrical Engineering”. The PEC officials have pointed out that this would broaden the scope of employment of the graduates.

In view of the above you are requested to give your response to the following questions.




  1. Would you prefer to have a PEC accredited

degree in Electrical Engineering?


  1. Would you prefer to have a degree in Telecom/Computer

Engineering, which is not accredited by PEC?




Student’s name _________________________



Roll No ________________________________

Campus _______________________________



Date __________________________________

Signature ______________________________


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The news about the “New discipline” spreads like wild fire within the FAST Karachi Campus particularly in the Engg Block.

Eventually at about 11:30 when 4th session was about to start a complete gang of juniors and sophomores started screaming in the corridors of engineering block. While we were in the Room 3 having the lecture of Advanced Computer Architecture we heard something that typically sounded as the sound of fish market. Though few of the fellows screaming against this un-expected change in the degree added the the FIFA sound affect of “AAaaaaa—oooooo—–AAAAAAA—-oooooooooo”

Kamran Ali Khan while delivering the lecture tried his best to concentrate on the stream of that lecture. But due to the couple of interruption from outside the class requesting K-A-K to suspend the class since every body is there in the auditorium waiting for the address of the Director, Zubair Shaikh made us leave the class and head towards the Auditorium.

Audi was completely filled with the engineering students of all the batches. People were even sitting on the carpeted floor of the auditorium. We couldn’t find any other place except the floor just in front of the stage. Jamshed-ur-Rehman, as he said had no clue about this survey form. He added “As soon I got this news I contacted the director about the respective issue.”

Mean while Director entered the audi where a large crowd welcomed him with funny and loud noises keeping the atmosphere same like a fish market.

Somehow this was clarified by the Director that there should be no issue regarding this survey form. Electrical Engineering accreditation for Telecom/Computer Engineering by PEC would specify the exact domain of the Electrical Engineering i.e. it will be specified in the degree that you have done Electrical Engineering (Computer Systems) or Electrical Engineering (Telecommunication Systems) and so on with other domains like embedded systems and controllers.

That session with Zubair Shaikh ended up with lots of questions from the audience. Sorry to say the junior batch seems to be very much hyper in that story. Majority of them asked very lame and repeated questions except the one (Umer bin Mehmood), who then asked a series of questions following the apologies on behalf of all the students present in the auditorium for a very unusual behavior shown by the students so far.

May be for juniors or sophomores this issue was only for them. But we (seniors) are just used to of these kinds of gossips around the campus regarding PEC. Later on that day the Director assured a few of the engineering students about the accreditation of PEC. He said we will Inshallah get the PEC accreditation in the upcoming academic year.

Any how, let us all hope that we, the engineering student gets the PEC accreditation before we graduate and that we get it in the same domain of studies in which we are enrolled from the last 3 years.