The start of the FALL semester couldn’t bring much of the freshmen & fun but it did bring a fall to all the committees. Rumors started spreading in the very beginning that all of them would be dissolved which included IEEE and Webmasters as well but as the time passed, the faculty heads started gaining some control over the issues and saved IEEE & Webmasters.

It was Tuesday, yup! 5th September when the notice unofficially arrived regarding the all new Student Societies, a document that was perfectly published through the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and I must say, AAH (Athar Ali Hashmi) must have felt proud; the moment he created his first official PDF file. Obviously, every potato-head feels “I believe I can fly” when a perfectly formatted document is published. The ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ was meant to give a look & feel as if it was a manual/handbook that comes with Microsoft Windows 3.1x. Perfectly documented like an SRS giving out a little bit of calculus-type definition for the committees: “Student Societies are integral part of any educational institution and bring a different dimensional experience to the university life”. Though, AAH got a little sad when Zahid FotoStat rejected to give it a glossy touch, so the faculty had to stick with webmail beta system.

Many senior mates who already got their hi-fi chair i.e. Chairperson/ViceChair were almost in mid-air but they were forgetting that it can also become an electric chair resulting in a burnt you-know-what. Some of them were trying to lead the situation by saying that we will boycott all of it so that none of us who are in warning etc etc. should be left behind. But I must say *to the hell*, none of them said a word about either the warning scene or the publications when the Q&As session was held between students and ZN, ZS, HK & the new kid “Rizwan M.” The best part is, ZS (and I bow my head with due respect) did mention “iface woh hee na jou Graduate profile waghaira print kerta hae”. Being a so-called director, one should know what flavor of shit every committee does.

Anyways, Friday finally came, common types of people were found in every corner of FAST, sitting down with great concentration filling up a white form. Unlike the common type, many others were observed with GPAs 3.8 and more who were filling up forms for P, VP of DECS and Publications. Wish I could salute them all since they are the ones, which our university truly seeks. Most of you might call them the “wanna-bees” who would only care for the post and would not even bother to give a sh*t to what might happen to the event or the end-product. Other smart nerds submitted forms with multiple expectations having President, VP and GS all 3 of them selected. Some not-so-reliable sources told me that there were 20 entries for the President of PROCOM. I pity the 3-4 nominees; they will have a tough time competing with the losers.

It was really fun when I heard the scenes about DECS, SPORTICS and SIBSS, infact I must say “poor sibss” having a really bad-time. Everyday I get to see the usual people carrying a board “In need of a Vice Chairperson, please contact asap!” Some people in DECS were too threatened about their so called e-Chair that they started spreading fake news. Worst was what I experienced during this weekend, some losers started emailing on the groups and you could see that all the emails were coming from a specific lobby which were constantly taunting the ex members over their decision. All I would say would be “khaali bartan hee ziadah awaz kartay hein na”, aisa hee kuch hay!

Ending up the pointless crap, all of this is leading to? Like ZS said, we want more of the faculty involved, does that mean he wanted to increase the number of ***/committee? Ever wondered what were the old faculty heads doing down there? Or may be ZS wanted some share of what JQ ate in the SPORTICS when he said “sorry fellows, I got only 500 from university for this event” 😀