I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “the grass seems greener on the other side”. Let me rephrase that a bit…

“The grass in the past, was definitely greener”. Hmmm, there you go.

Well, a lot of people wouldn’t agree to what i have to say, but this is what I and a few others that i know feel about the university life. Before, it used to be somewhat polite, if not completely. Teachers used to care about what the students want and feel. Students used to consult the teachers for small matters, that were just time wasters for the teachers, but they didn’t ever turn them out. Teachers used to listen to us. They used to offer help. They used to advise us. Sometimes even supervise us. Never had they said no to any reasonable request put forth infront of them by any student. Hell, they even used to upgrade a lot before.

Whatevers happened to the graciousness and kindness of teachers, it did turn our university into a hell on earth. First off, our uni is out of the city. Secondly, we dont have much fun places to go to around the uni. As a matter of fact, we dont have any sort of fun activity to do if we ever decide to leave the premises. Thirdly, ragging has been banned.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you, that the friends that i made among the seniors, were my first raggers. They’ve supported me in many places, even after graduating. Where the TAs failed, the seniors took over. What they’ve done after the first semester, made me forget the ragging. Infact, ragging allowed me to be more confident, and it helped me learn the system faster. After my batch, the ragging was banned. The results of banning it were clearly visible even in the results of courses. Only a dozen people used to flunk Calculus 1 and ITC before and till our batch. After us, almost 60 people flunked or withdrew from ITC, and around 80 flunked or withdrew from Calculus 1. The next batch was even worse, they touched 120 in both courses. Ragging made us give more respect to our seniors, i’m sure at this point all the “newbies” must be thinking “what the hell? this guys so totally not making any sense”. Believe me, it will make sense to you a couple of years down the road, especially after graduation.

Last but not the least. All the fun events have also been taken away from us. AD, picnic, mela, ghazal night … and stuff like that. What is wrong with them? We’re humans, not robots. We need to chill, relax and not be always walking on our toes. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE…cut us students a break! We are being made to realize, over and over and over again, that we committed the biggest mistake of our lives by taking admission in FAST. Even the peons talk sarcasm now. You don’t believe me? Then go talk to the “boy” sitting beside the door in the “ITard Dept.” … in short … Ayaz Ahmed’s room. Man! We need to teach him a lesson … teach him that, its him who need us to survive … without us, there would be no FAST. Now, ain’t that right?

Fasih Ahmed Rana.