Okay All of us do have issues with the transport people here right?? So that does’nt mean we hate them? Nah…it does’nt mean we curse them all the time? Nah…it even does’nt mean we wish that they would die and rid us of our pain?? Nah….it just means we gotta take matter into our own hands and simply gotta “Kill em ourselves and make it look like an accident”….at least that’s what I am thinking (EVIL Smile :D)


So where and when did the problem start??? Hmmmm lemme see…well lets get the obvious part out of the way first….they increased the fees of the points…plus on top of that the icing on the cake was provided when the mid days were cut short off on their routes….students are being dropped off at such places where they would need to take atleast 2 buses to get home…. Did that piss us off?? Noooo…??? Why would it…I mean we all inherited a huge a** amount of money from our late late late relative who especially wrote it down in his/her will that this money only belongs to MUSTAQEEM and only HE and HE only shall get it!


And then there is the story of the mid days….MUSTAQEEM said that they don’t get paid enough to run the mid days but still they are doin the students a BIG FAVOUR in taking out 2 points each day till nursery and Askari 4. Now you don’t find people like that everyday ladies and gentlemen, you have to admit that!!…


Had a discussion in the uni with some batch mates during a class of organizational behaviour and some options were laid out by different people…mentioning them below


  1. Hire a new bus service (by either killing MUSTAQEEM or by just tearing up the contract. But I like the first option :D)
  2. Fees should stay as it is but new better Air conditioned points should be arranged with shorter routes. ( hunh! Like that’s gonna happen….)
  3. Mid days should be arranged each day according to the people available. (hahahahahha….)
  4. Don’t hire a bus service and people from each area can hire their own private bus service…(BINGO!!!!)….


so those of you who like any of the above options can go for it….the rest….welll u meet up with me at schon on Monday…..hunting season opens soon!!!! Okay now where did I put my shotgun? 😛


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