Assalamualikum wa rehmatullah !

i would like all of u please pay special attention to this.

My aunt who lives in faislabad has been working in a school for blind children for the past three year. Few months back the management of the school was changed … and now they have recieved the notice of shutting down the school.

Worried about the situation many parents and blind teachers approached my aunt for help regarding this situation.She decided to open up a school.She managed to get a space for this school but she requires funds for the setup and all .
The details of the school are:

Bab-ul-ilam Special Education Academy For The blind
Adress : 700/B ,Peoples Colony #1
Near Lassall High School
Contact # : 0321 – 6651156

The basic idea behind this all is that we have a great oppurtunity of making some1s life …Think of it this way that a single paisa
from ur pocket can prevent a blind from becoming a begger and instead be an independent individual.We spend alot of money every day for useless things … please be generous about it .. contribute as much as u can .. RS 5 ,10 … 50 ,100 … Even a single paisa will count ..
i need not to remind kai its the Holy month of Ramadhan .. so for all who know and trust me i assure u that this money will be utilized in its real essence.

Ive got the reciept book for this fund collection .

You can give your donations to the following :

  1.   Abdul Basit (0321-2595125)
  2.   Ahsan Shaikh (0345-3051506)
  3.   Fasih Ahmed Rana (0333-2381982)
  4.   Mustafa Haroon (0345-3086002)
  5.   Sanah Mubarak
  6.   Fawwad Hashmey (0322-2343833)

n JazzakAllah



All praises and thanks be to Allah,
Lord of everything that exists.
The most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment
You (alone) we worship, and You (alone) we ask for help.
Guide us to the Straight Way The Way of those on whom You have bestowed
Your Grace,
not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor those who went astray.