Finally with the call of traditional Presidents from the new Academic Placement Officer, Rizwan Mustafa the whole committee restructuring process ended up with the 5 mins meeting with Zafar Nasir. 

The MAN BEHIND in starting this re-structuring crap stood behind in this ending story. He found no luck in finalizing the committee even the one to which he is Faculty Incharge i.e. Sportix.  

I saw that poor man roaming around the campus behaving as if nothing has happened. Because yah we know he is busy in dealing with the stuff of PEC. Aaaahhh… Yeah we know he is busy buying the books (arggg) , but he is busy arranging the accommodation of HEC scholarship holders too (lol), damn he is busy in the transport issues as well…… 

I am not sure but its like “chota” in a pathan restaurants who works like:“Chotay bring chair” , “Chotay bring tea” , “Chotay arrange the seats”. Now when I was sitting at schone today, one of ma mate saw that poor man and said “ Yar tu to reh
gaya “ lolz