First event of the semester. Just after the Student Committees got re-structured.
DECS arranged a PICNIC at beach on 4th Nov 06.

Students and Faculty were served by Breakfast in the morning and lunch in the afternoon. And yes IceCream too.
The whole day went okay. Everything seemed perfect and Dexters were now talking about wrapping up things. It was about 4:15 when I decided to go into the sea water.

Suddenly an announcement was done for the urgent need of Life Guard as somebody has gone too ahead in the sea and he is helpless.
Every FASTian at the beach was praying for that unknow guy who was drowning.

The news just blew away the smiles from everyone’s face standing out there.
I went near to that part where that guy was ahead in the sea.
Asked somebody that who was it? and Answer was Nomi…
I was like kon Nomi?
And the answer that shook me was “Nauman Bashir”
I felt the base moving from ma feet.

LifeGuard of Pakistan Navy along with a person who is currently the attender of the scholarship students went in to save Nauman Bashir.

Thank God that Life Guard of Navy saved the day for the FASTians.
Nauman Bashir was saved by that life guard. Alhumdulillah.
The LifeGuard said “This is the first time i ever saved any person alive from this sea.”
Shukar Alhumdullillah. Summa Alhumdulillah that he is all safe!

I hope Nauman you must have learned alot. No doubt you didnt give up till the end. MashAllah..
All the best Nauman for the 2nd Innings 🙂