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This piece is not to comment on how good or bad the picnic was. The fact that i left early is pretty much the reason I cant comment on that. But the news that Noman Bashir almost drowned at the picnic today didnt take much time to reach me and I guess almost all the FASTians.

I didnt witness the event first hand so the rest of the post might not be totally correct. Then again its not much of an info but rather an opinion one.

Nomy with some friends had gone deep in the water after lunch. A big wave came and swept Nomy away. He remained calm (a part which he told me) but everyone else on the beach didnt have the same emotions. Now here is thing which shocked me. The life guards saying that he has gone too far and we can do anything right now and the faculty telling everyone not to go after him and come out of the water. Good thing one of the lifeguards thought otherwise and went in to bring him back. Not only did he bring him back but thankfuly Noman was brought back without any serious issues. Hell, he didnt even require CPR, thats pretty tight for a guy who cant swim.

Now with the faculty you need to take into account that they were concerned with the security of other students. But to say no one is going to go after a life of a human being is pretty disturbing. Even more disturbing is the fact that the lifeguards said that they wont go after a person who everyone can see floating. The only job of a life guard is to make sure no one goes far enough to be in danger and if he does then try their best to bring him back, but apparently that is not how it works here.

Okay, Nomy is at fault by going so deep when he didnt know how to swim, but when he did actually get in danger he remained calm and maintained a positive state of mind. People make mistakes; they may be big or small but no one can say that they have had a flawless life. But to give up on a person who still has not drowned as yet is ridiculous. And no one other than a Pakistani can think of it like that. Hell people are saved from the sea even after they go underwater, this guy was floating!

All is well that end well. But we need to take into consideration they way people with authority handled the situation. “Hes too far, he cant be saved” and “no one goes after him” is too casual and lazy is statement when you are talking about a human life.

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