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First event of the semester. Just after the Student Committees got re-structured.
DECS arranged a PICNIC at beach on 4th Nov 06.

Students and Faculty were served by Breakfast in the morning and lunch in the afternoon. And yes IceCream too.
The whole day went okay. Everything seemed perfect and Dexters were now talking about wrapping up things. It was about 4:15 when I decided to go into the sea water.

Suddenly an announcement was done for the urgent need of Life Guard as somebody has gone too ahead in the sea and he is helpless.
Every FASTian at the beach was praying for that unknow guy who was drowning.

The news just blew away the smiles from everyone’s face standing out there.
I went near to that part where that guy was ahead in the sea.
Asked somebody that who was it? and Answer was Nomi…
I was like kon Nomi?
And the answer that shook me was “Nauman Bashir”
I felt the base moving from ma feet.

LifeGuard of Pakistan Navy along with a person who is currently the attender of the scholarship students went in to save Nauman Bashir.

Thank God that Life Guard of Navy saved the day for the FASTians.
Nauman Bashir was saved by that life guard. Alhumdulillah.
The LifeGuard said “This is the first time i ever saved any person alive from this sea.”
Shukar Alhumdullillah. Summa Alhumdulillah that he is all safe!

I hope Nauman you must have learned alot. No doubt you didnt give up till the end. MashAllah..
All the best Nauman for the 2nd Innings 🙂



Finally with the call of traditional Presidents from the new Academic Placement Officer, Rizwan Mustafa the whole committee restructuring process ended up with the 5 mins meeting with Zafar Nasir. 

The MAN BEHIND in starting this re-structuring crap stood behind in this ending story. He found no luck in finalizing the committee even the one to which he is Faculty Incharge i.e. Sportix.  

I saw that poor man roaming around the campus behaving as if nothing has happened. Because yah we know he is busy in dealing with the stuff of PEC. Aaaahhh… Yeah we know he is busy buying the books (arggg) , but he is busy arranging the accommodation of HEC scholarship holders too (lol), damn he is busy in the transport issues as well…… 

I am not sure but its like “chota” in a pathan restaurants who works like:“Chotay bring chair” , “Chotay bring tea” , “Chotay arrange the seats”. Now when I was sitting at schone today, one of ma mate saw that poor man and said “ Yar tu to reh
gaya “ lolz

Assalamualikum wa rehmatullah !

i would like all of u please pay special attention to this.

My aunt who lives in faislabad has been working in a school for blind children for the past three year. Few months back the management of the school was changed … and now they have recieved the notice of shutting down the school.

Worried about the situation many parents and blind teachers approached my aunt for help regarding this situation.She decided to open up a school.She managed to get a space for this school but she requires funds for the setup and all .
The details of the school are:

Bab-ul-ilam Special Education Academy For The blind
Adress : 700/B ,Peoples Colony #1
Near Lassall High School
Contact # : 0321 – 6651156

The basic idea behind this all is that we have a great oppurtunity of making some1s life …Think of it this way that a single paisa
from ur pocket can prevent a blind from becoming a begger and instead be an independent individual.We spend alot of money every day for useless things … please be generous about it .. contribute as much as u can .. RS 5 ,10 … 50 ,100 … Even a single paisa will count ..
i need not to remind kai its the Holy month of Ramadhan .. so for all who know and trust me i assure u that this money will be utilized in its real essence.

Ive got the reciept book for this fund collection .

You can give your donations to the following :

  1.   Abdul Basit (0321-2595125)
  2.   Ahsan Shaikh (0345-3051506)
  3.   Fasih Ahmed Rana (0333-2381982)
  4.   Mustafa Haroon (0345-3086002)
  5.   Sanah Mubarak
  6.   Fawwad Hashmey (0322-2343833)

n JazzakAllah



All praises and thanks be to Allah,
Lord of everything that exists.
The most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Master of the Day of Judgment
You (alone) we worship, and You (alone) we ask for help.
Guide us to the Straight Way The Way of those on whom You have bestowed
Your Grace,
not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor those who went astray.

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lolzz 😀 ..the sale stick hides the ‘Ac’ and projects the actual title of the book “counting for dummies” :p

Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, to be released December 5th, began as a street mixtape project — an underground, unofficial CD with raw production values — designed to help launch new Shady Records artists Stat Quo, Ca$his and Bobby Creekwater. “But what happened is that the material was so good and the tracks were getting produced like a regular album,” said Eminem. “Instead of putting it out there rough and unfinished, I thought we should add some other new tracks, make it a real album, and put it in the record stores to give these new artists a real boost.” The album was executive produced by Eminem, who also produced the majority of the songs. A handful of selections were produced by The Alchemist, who also compiled the album in true mixtape fashion. The Alchemist is best known for his work with Cypress Hill, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Mobb Deep, and Jadakiss. 

Each of the tracks makes its official CD debut on Eminem Presents: The Re-Up, though Stat Quo’s “Billion Bucks,” and Obie Trice’s “Cry Now” (Remix), produced by LT Moe, was recently released on mixtapes and to radio. The first single and video will be “You Don’t Know” from Eminem, 50 Cent, Ca$his and Lloyd Banks. With Eminem and Ca$his from the Shady camp and 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks from G-Unit, the rap illustrates the unity of the two organizations. 

The Re-Up also gave acclaimed hip-hop producer The Alchemist a chance to work with Shady’s new regime. After joining forces on-stage as Eminem’s DJ on last year’s Anger Management 3 tour, Alchemist and the Shady camp began collaborating in the studio. This new album features the results of this anticipated collaboration with new tracks produced by The Alchemist featuring Stat Quo, Ca$his, Bobby Creekwater and Obie Trice. 

Rampant misinformation about Eminem Presents: The Re-Up included many false internet tracklistings and that the mixtape would be a tribute to D12’s Proof, the recently slain rapper and close friend of Eminem. “The D12 album and those unreleased songs with Proof are coming,” said Eminem. “But The Re-Up is about these new artists and these new songs. It isn’t fair to them or to the memory of Proof to mix them up.”  

Confirmed Tracks
1. Eminem – No Apologies
2. Ca$his – Talkin’ All That
3. Bobby Creek – City of Gold
4. D12 – Murder
5. Eminem – Smack That (Remix) featuring Akon
6. Eminem – You Don’t Know featuring 50 Cent, Ca$his, and Lloyd Banks 

The lead single for this album will be You Don’t Know, by Eminem featuring 50 Cent, Ca$his, and Lloyd Banks. The single became ciculating on the internet on September 30th, 2006.  

*from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (“”)

linux-on-xbox copy

Okay All of us do have issues with the transport people here right?? So that does’nt mean we hate them? Nah…it does’nt mean we curse them all the time? Nah…it even does’nt mean we wish that they would die and rid us of our pain?? Nah….it just means we gotta take matter into our own hands and simply gotta “Kill em ourselves and make it look like an accident”….at least that’s what I am thinking (EVIL Smile :D)


So where and when did the problem start??? Hmmmm lemme see…well lets get the obvious part out of the way first….they increased the fees of the points…plus on top of that the icing on the cake was provided when the mid days were cut short off on their routes….students are being dropped off at such places where they would need to take atleast 2 buses to get home…. Did that piss us off?? Noooo…??? Why would it…I mean we all inherited a huge a** amount of money from our late late late relative who especially wrote it down in his/her will that this money only belongs to MUSTAQEEM and only HE and HE only shall get it!


And then there is the story of the mid days….MUSTAQEEM said that they don’t get paid enough to run the mid days but still they are doin the students a BIG FAVOUR in taking out 2 points each day till nursery and Askari 4. Now you don’t find people like that everyday ladies and gentlemen, you have to admit that!!…


Had a discussion in the uni with some batch mates during a class of organizational behaviour and some options were laid out by different people…mentioning them below


  1. Hire a new bus service (by either killing MUSTAQEEM or by just tearing up the contract. But I like the first option :D)
  2. Fees should stay as it is but new better Air conditioned points should be arranged with shorter routes. ( hunh! Like that’s gonna happen….)
  3. Mid days should be arranged each day according to the people available. (hahahahahha….)
  4. Don’t hire a bus service and people from each area can hire their own private bus service…(BINGO!!!!)….


so those of you who like any of the above options can go for it….the rest….welll u meet up with me at schon on Monday…..hunting season opens soon!!!! Okay now where did I put my shotgun? 😛


s P i d y

I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “the grass seems greener on the other side”. Let me rephrase that a bit…

“The grass in the past, was definitely greener”. Hmmm, there you go.

Well, a lot of people wouldn’t agree to what i have to say, but this is what I and a few others that i know feel about the university life. Before, it used to be somewhat polite, if not completely. Teachers used to care about what the students want and feel. Students used to consult the teachers for small matters, that were just time wasters for the teachers, but they didn’t ever turn them out. Teachers used to listen to us. They used to offer help. They used to advise us. Sometimes even supervise us. Never had they said no to any reasonable request put forth infront of them by any student. Hell, they even used to upgrade a lot before.

Whatevers happened to the graciousness and kindness of teachers, it did turn our university into a hell on earth. First off, our uni is out of the city. Secondly, we dont have much fun places to go to around the uni. As a matter of fact, we dont have any sort of fun activity to do if we ever decide to leave the premises. Thirdly, ragging has been banned.

Let me take this opportunity to tell you, that the friends that i made among the seniors, were my first raggers. They’ve supported me in many places, even after graduating. Where the TAs failed, the seniors took over. What they’ve done after the first semester, made me forget the ragging. Infact, ragging allowed me to be more confident, and it helped me learn the system faster. After my batch, the ragging was banned. The results of banning it were clearly visible even in the results of courses. Only a dozen people used to flunk Calculus 1 and ITC before and till our batch. After us, almost 60 people flunked or withdrew from ITC, and around 80 flunked or withdrew from Calculus 1. The next batch was even worse, they touched 120 in both courses. Ragging made us give more respect to our seniors, i’m sure at this point all the “newbies” must be thinking “what the hell? this guys so totally not making any sense”. Believe me, it will make sense to you a couple of years down the road, especially after graduation.

Last but not the least. All the fun events have also been taken away from us. AD, picnic, mela, ghazal night … and stuff like that. What is wrong with them? We’re humans, not robots. We need to chill, relax and not be always walking on our toes. FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE…cut us students a break! We are being made to realize, over and over and over again, that we committed the biggest mistake of our lives by taking admission in FAST. Even the peons talk sarcasm now. You don’t believe me? Then go talk to the “boy” sitting beside the door in the “ITard Dept.” … in short … Ayaz Ahmed’s room. Man! We need to teach him a lesson … teach him that, its him who need us to survive … without us, there would be no FAST. Now, ain’t that right?

Fasih Ahmed Rana.

July 2018
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